Фонд Фонд поддержки развития цифровой экономики 


Сферы деятельности

Государственные организации

Фонд Фонд поддержки развития цифровой экономики 

Our vision

Supporting most promising and strategically important projects, focused in integrating information technology into various industries. Partnering with the start-up projects on the basis of public-private partnerships that are specialized in implementing the blockchain technology and developing platforms in the crypto-currency ecosystem. Providing technical assistance in the sphere of blockchain technology, by attracting highly qualified foreign specialists.

Our mission

Providing resources and support, on the basis of public-private partnership, to the projects and initiatives aimed at developing technological solutions and contributing to the advancement of the digital economy in Uzbekistan. In order to achieve this goal, we’ve assembled a team of professionals, with the proven track record of success and dedication to carry out our organization’s mission.

Our goals

Funding technology projects on the basis of public-private partnership, in order to facilitate the development of blockchain technology and crypto-assets ecosystem. We focus on equity investments into technology companies that work towards the development of digital economy. Another area of our specialization is the provision of grants and credits for funding and supporting start-up initiatives that are aimed at contributing to the development of the digital economy. Moreover, we aim to provide fellowships and grants for the initiatives that are working towards human capital capacity development in the sphere of digital economy.

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